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  • 65 years - Leaders in our field
  • 65 years - Leaders in our field
  • 65 years - Leaders in our field
  • 65 years - Leaders in our field


With every LA VIDA collection purchase, you will receive a complimentary shampoo and conditioner.

With every LA VIDA collection purchase, you will receive a complimentary shampoo and conditioner.


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65 years - Leaders in our field

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65 years of excellent service

Our long history and experience in the wig industry give us a unique understanding of our customer’s needs, and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and services.

From the people
From the people

I first walked into this fabulous store about 2 years ago, and purchased a wig for my show, The Women of the 60's. Since then, I've returned and bought 2 more wigs and I wish I had more excuses to visit the ladies. They are so lovely and nothing is too much trouble for them. And they really know their stuff. If you're after a wig ladies and gentlemen, this is the place to go, and these are the ladies to help you out. Thanks for looking after me again today ladies. I love my new wig and I'm sure my audiences will too. See you again soon.

Actress / Perfomer

Testimonial JOSE L. PEREZ - Director / The Professional Academy of Makeup Science (I.S.O.M.A)
From the people

This solemn and voluntarily given testimonial is to reiterate the impeccable, professional and courteous way in which I have been treated for 45 years. During this time, I have recommended Creative Wigs to colleagues and associates, who have also received the same professional service. My profession as a Make-up and Hair designer has exposed me to a world of fame and beauty. From "Fistful of Dollars" to the infamous "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. I have found over the years that Mr. Lourie and the staff working at Creative Wigs are absolutely dedicated to their profession with sufficiency, true knowledge and willingness to help in every possible way. This is obviously why their business name inspires honesty, variety, good-will and dedication. I am very grateful for all these years of constant and superior professional help.

Director / The Professional Academy of Makeup Science (I.S.O.M.A)

Testimonial JASON PANDA - Bernard Gueit Studios (FKA as Crave Agency)
From the people

When I first stepped foot in Creative Wigs, I came with my boss as he required wigs for a hair show. I had little, if any, knowledge of wigs. 15 years later, I have my own business and I still knew little about wigs. Time passed and I have bought many quality products from Creative Wigs. I have come to not only be somewhat of an expert, but have realised that every time I visit, I not only manage to get exactly what I require, but have been educated by the amazing staff there. It is always a great pleasure to come to you, especially when I know that whatever project I have, something will suit me and I will definitely learn something new. The products I have found are or highest quality and the honesty and attention from staff is incomparable to any other supplier. Buying and working with wigs is really not that hard or as daunting as I once thought. Now that I regularly visit and use the wigs for commercial projects, I am proud to say that I would never go anywhere else. Amazing experience... thanks!

Bernard Gueit Studios (FKA as Crave Agency)

Testimonial ALISON KIDD - Wig Supervisor / The Australian Ballet
From the people

It's important for my business that we only use the highest quality wigs. Creative Wigs definitely have the best range of wigs in Australia. Both human-hair and synthetic styles come in broad colour ranges. All of their wigs have great durability and shine, which is fantastic for the stage and street wear. Sylvia and Di are always helpful in achieving our designer's requirements, with their extensive knowledge of wigs and styles in store.

Wig Supervisor / The Australian Ballet

Testimonial GORDON SEARLE J.P - Hairdresser
From the people

I have been a hairdresser and member of M.L.H.A, International Hairdressing Society, World Member of Intercoiffure, Judge, Teacher, Trainer and Examiner for 53 years. For all this time I have dealt with Creative Hair Products and have found them to be completely trustworthy. I have had fantastic service from the owner and all staff for all these years and cannot praise them enough. They are magnificent, friendly and very cooperative.